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Frequently Asked Questions

+ When and how do I apply?

The Class of 2020 has been selected. Application forms for the Class of 2021 will be available in February 2020.

+ What's the deadline for applying?

A fully completed application form must be received by midnight February 28, 2020 for the Program year that begins September 2020.

+ Who selects the members of the incoming class?

A selection committee comprised of ALL ATX Leadership alumni will review applications and make recommendations. Not all applicants will get in the first year of application but we encourage you to apply each year. A diverse class with qualified leaders is our top priority.

+ When does the selection committee meet?

The selection process takes place in March.

+ When will I be notified about my status for the next Program year?

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance in May or June.The class will be announced in August. Dues are due by July 31.

+ How many applicants are accepted for each Program year?

ALL ATX Leadership class size is between 35-45 people.

+ What are some of the criteria for acceptance?

The composition of the class is the most important part of ALL ATX Leadership. The goal of the selection committee is to choose a class that is diverse in genre, gender, and culture and represent leaders in the Austin creative industries. There are many factors used to determine an applicant’s acceptance into the program and it solely at the discretion of ALL ATX Leadership. The ideal candidate is a proven leader in all aspects of life.

+ What is the attendance policy?

Each participant has committed to attending all classes within the program year. The ALL ATX Leadership program should not be entered without the commitment of the applicant and the applicant’s employer.

+ What is the cell phone policy?

To ensure participants are fully engaged and respectful of the process, the speakers and their classmates, we request that devices remain off with the exception of scheduled breaks. There will be several breaks throughout the day.

+ Are there any costs involved in the Program?

Thanks to our annual corporate donors who underwrite the majority of the costs related to the program, there is a one-time, non-refundable tuition payment of $1,000 due in July after you are accepted into the program. If your participation in the class requires you to travel to Austin, ALL ATX Leadership is not responsible for picking up any cost associated with, or booking air travel, hotel accommodations or ground transportation. If a class member is unable to pay the tuition, we do have scholarships available.

+ What happens after I graduate in May?

On the last day of the program in May, alumni will come back to join the current class as we draft new graduates into service on one of our Core Committees: Music Business Development, Foundational Support for Artists, Affordability Solutions, and Political Navigation.

The graduating class will be also be assigned to serve on a program day committee for the incoming class of ALL ATX Leadership. The role is an important part of the program as each graduating class helps to prepare the curriculum for the next class.

These processes and committees integrate alumni and help to sustain a healthy creative business network in Austin.